The Culture of Sleeping. Through the skills acquired and the technologies used for the whole range of products. In Hotels and in the home, better than at home.


Simmons is the world’s leading brand in the sleep sector. The brand is distributed in Italy by Gruppo Industriale Formenti, and is a partner of the most prestigious hotel chains, in Italy and worldwide. Simmons believes that customer satisfaction depends on a good night’s sleep; perhaps even more than on a day at the spa. The tale of Simmons started more than a century ago, in 1870, when Mr Z. Simmons invented his first spring mattress. In 1925, his far-sightedness led him to commission the first scientific research into the benefits and effects of rest. Since then, research and innovation have always been the watchwords. Mattresses with springs, in latex, in the brand new Tricel ®Memory Foam Viscoelastico patented system, pillows, toppers and accessories for all needs. The result: mattresses that you can depend on over time. This is why they are loved by millions of people, on every continent and in 101 countries around the world; they are treasured and chosen as allies in a good night’s sleep. Following the example set by Mr Simmons, the company has set up a foundation, Formenti Foundation for Research into the Quality of Sleep, which is dedicated to valorizing the oft-neglected importance of sleeping well. A good sleep means reinvigoration, recovering energy so you are ready to face each morning with a positive attitude, towards yourself and towards the world.


In the most elegant homes and in the most prestigious hotels: to sleep well, you need Simmons. Nothing else.


Innovation and Research. Since the beginning and forever. Mr Simmons dictates the rules of the market. Not by chance is it the world’s leading brand in the sleep sector.