Baby travel kit dedicated to younger guests,
refined perfumes, far from mass trends, created with artistic passion,
and fragrances born from the
inspirations of a trip to India and
the influences of different cultures.
For experiences that are never forgotten.


Ever-sensitive to new trends and careful to offer innovative and niche products, Marie Danielle augments its new catalogue for 2018 with three new international brands, which have a distinctive element in common with the other collections: their ability to give memorable experiences to hotel guests.  

NAIF, BYREDO and LABO are the names of the brands of the courtesy lines which, in other countries, have already become must-haves.

The first, NAIF, is a totally natural line dedicated to the youngest guests, and its founders deliberately created it with special characteristics so as to safeguard and preserve children’s health, keeping them clean and happy. Only the finest ingredients are selected for its composition, such as cotton oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil. No chemicals or dyes are used. The courtesy line consists of four 15-ml tubes contained in a cute and practical Baby Travel Kit made from a special kind of organic cardboard. The texture is pleasing to the touch and it is delicately scented.
The products: Cleansing Wash Gel, Nourishing Shampoo, Softening Body Lotion, and Nurturing Cream

The second, LABO, is already a well-known name to all lovers of niche perfumes. It is not just a brand; it is a vibrant world, far from the stereotypes imposed by globalization. It is a magical place where the consumer is a unique person, welcome to enter the Le Labo laboratory to be entertained, and take the time to listen, look, smell and touch. A place where you can learn everything about the art of creating perfumes, or even just take some time out to explore and discover aromas and fragrances to your heart’s content without being pressed into buying anything. Santal 33 is the fragrance chosen for the courtesy line and it is one of Le Labo’s most famous and appreciated perfumes. It is the icon of the “Marlboro man”, smoky and woody with slightly leathery nuances, dense with notes of cardamom, cedar wood and papyrus, Australian sandalwood, and violet and iris leaves. It could be a tribute to the collective imagination of the Far West, but thanks to the elegance and balance that it expresses, Santal 33 is also an excellent woman’s perfume, warm and enveloping. The courtesy line consists of four 60-ml. bottles and a 40-gr. packaged square soap bar.

Third, but no less important, is Byredo. A brand that recounts how curiosity and passion for perfumes took root in Ben Gorham, its founder, after travelling to his mother’s hometown in India, where the aromas of spices and incense seduced him, mingling with the influences of the diverse cultures Ben grew up in, having lived in different cities: Toronto, New York and Stockholm. Ben Gorham is a true outsider in the fragrance industry. His style is unique and very personal and it finds connections and vitality in the world of fashion and art. The Fragrance chosen for the courtesy line is Bal D’Afrique, a warm and romantic vetiver inspired by the Paris of the late ‘20s and its influences from African culture in all its forms: art, music and dance.

The courtesy line offers two different proposals: the first consists of four 50-ml. soft touch bottles and a 40-gr. packaged square soap bar, or as an alternative, a 60-gr soap bar in a box; the second consists of four 40-ml. tubes and a 40-gr. packaged square soap bar.

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