Five new collections with evocative names and fragrances, each one more intriguing and desirable than the others. Building on its successes of last year, Marie Danielle opens 2017 with great news, expanding its range of offers with exclusive proposals dedicated to the hospitality world. The best way to meet the needs of an ever more exacting international clientele.

Marie Danielle’s partner hotels will now also have the opportunity to choose amenities from Gabriella Chieffo, Rituals, Cinq Mondes, Moooi and Christian Lacroix. A broad range of quality products, to the extent that calling them courtesy products perhaps does not do them justice. Because their added value is expressed in countless aspects, which make every single line truly out of the ordinary: unusual packaging, exclusive design, rituals that induce a more profound lifestyle inspired by ancient traditions of Asia; sophisticated fragrances from the world of haute couture that evoke moments of delicious wellbeing; and also original and rare perfumes created by some of the most refined Italian noses.

In short, a new proposition made up not only of unique brands, but which is also extremely innovative, expressed through concepts capable of embracing the most glamorous trends of the moment in terms of design, fashion, wellness and niche fragrances.

There are several ways to make the Top Brand collection even richer and more varied. Dedicated to hotels that love to stand out and offer precious collections, Top Brand products are carefully selected brands with distinctively original characters, able to anticipate trends and often already recognized in the consumer market.  

The irreverence of Gabriella Chieffo 
The innovation begins with the disruptive and irreverent line by Gabriella Chieffo, with its groundbreaking packaging. A way to create direct communication with the guests and entertain them. But also to convey genuine values, made up of a sense of family, of home, and of our roots … This niche fragrance brand was founded in 2014 and for Gabriella Chieffo, collaborating with Marie Danielle marks the beginning of a new path aimed at the hôtellerie sector. Hers is a line of courtesy products with an absolutely innovative concept that goes beyond the fragrance: essential, modern and clean, but at the same time elegant, thanks to refined labels, unusual bottles that recall the pharma line, and linear fonts.

The 360° life-experience of Rituals 
Rituals is expressed through a 360-degree life-experience, which translates the concept of feeling at home in the hotel. Already present in international hospitality (520 outlets in 28 different countries), the brand arose from the fortunate intuition of its founder, the Dutchman Raymond Cloosterman, after an exciting trip to Asia on a quest for ancient traditions. And now it has arrived in Italy, thanks to the distribution agreement with Marie Danielle. Travellers perceive the Rituals world from the moment of their arrival in the hotel to check in, in the lobby of the hotel, then passing through the public areas, and the spa… Then they appreciate it in their rooms, thanks to an original welcoming gift, to the amenities in the bathroom, to the fragrance that perfumes the environment … Everything is designed to recreate an authentic wellness ritual, able to evoke moments of joy and make the guest feel pampered in a welcoming ambience: just like at home. Marie Danielle has decided to insert two courtesy product lines into its Top Brands collection: Happy Buddha and The mix of Rituals. The former emphasizes the fragrance of the brand’s best-selling product, and the latter offers the opportunity to experiment with various rituals with different textures and fragrances.

Wellbeing the French way by Cinq Mondes
For Cinq Mondes, too, amenities are a true wellness experience. Founded by Nathalie and Jean-Louis Poiroux, curious globetrotters in search of the most enchanting beauty rituals, these days the brand is a symbol of French wellness around the world and collaborates with over a thousand wellness centres and institutes in 36 different countries, including the first Cinq Mond spa founded in Paris six years ago. Success was also achieved thanks to the assurance of products formulated exclusively from carefully selected natural and/or organic ingredients, for the creation of fragrances and textures that evoke the rituals of distant countries.

The surprising packaging of Moooi
A cool blend with a hint of bergamot, cardamom and nutmeg, which prevails over the warm notes of aromatic wood. And then a heart of lavender and cedar wood, complemented by an elegant note of patchouli, tobacco and musk. This is the perfume of the Moooi line, which also boasts unexpected and surprising packaging. Of course, it could not be otherwise, seeing as Moooi is a world-famous brand for its design vocation. Founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders, the brand has always produced decorative elements for homes, offices and hotel rooms: iconic and innovative furnishings and lighting elements. And it is precisely from these bases that the company has decided to take a further step, creating a sumptuous line of beauty products dedicated to luxury hotels: authentic moments of pleasure far away from everyday routines. Incidentally: Mooi is Dutch for beauty. Adding the extra ‘o’ gives more emphasis to this concept. Because the philosophy of the Moooi brand has always been to add beauty to life.

The baroque exuberance of Christian Lacroix
Last but not least, Marie Danielle has chosen all the baroque exuberance and the richness of colours of the timeless brand and haute couture house of Christian Lacroix. These days, the maison also expresses its dynamism through its amenities line dedicated to hôtellerie, which uses the brand’s iconic symbol, the butterfly. The ingredients are all prime quality, carefully selected to regale the guests with delightful moments of pleasure. Eygallères, with its seductive nuances of figs and lemon orchards, is the fragrance chosen by Marie Danielle for its Top Brand collection.