The essence of a company is its history, but corporate identity is also manifested
in the lines and certain specific features that contribute towards defining the brand


 Two pillars standing out clearly on the screen, giving the right degree of solidity to the capital ‘H’, just as the HPoint enterprise is consolidated and trusted in the hôtellerie market: a partner with the necessary skills that is ready to accompany every client towards success, each one in accordance with their needs. And this also explains the presence of a wave that intersects the two pillars: it symbolizes the transparency of water, which hides nothing and is synonymous with constant evolution. In the same way that innovation and the ability to predict and anticipate demands have always been HPoint values. And then, the point above the wave. Reminding that this network of businesses specialized in hotel services is an authentic cornerstone for all partner hotels that avail of them. Lastly, the slogan, ‘your choice’, because HPoint is able to deal with the most diverse needs, using innovation as a tool for finding flexible solutions that can be adapted to the requirements of every hotel. Even in a context as demanding as the luxury segment.

And this explains the new HPoint logo, whose evolution is also expressed through consistent development of the company’s corporate image and its website. A way to communicate the true identity of the network: a fresh reality, always able to keep a step ahead of the present. Because the essence of a company is undoubtedly its history, consisting of projects, handshakes, and the sharing of values ... But there are also other elements that contribute towards the creation of a corporate identity: lines, specific features and images which, mixed together, become that which we commonly call ‘brand’.

“In a continuously evolving market such as that of hospitality and the service industry, we at HPoint have decided to evolve from within,” says the president of the network, Giovanni Borriello. “We are also convinced that modernizing our image is a strong indication of our attention towards our clients. While our roots have remained unchanged, the restyling process is aimed at identifying a moment of change for constant improvement. And so, in 2017, we are focussing on a simplified approach to the market, thanks to our constant updating and training, which translate into the continuous innovation of our services.”

The new corporate image will hence feature in all the communication channels used by HPoint. Naturally, though, the company also remains committed to promoting innovation and change through a series of active marketing campaigns. “We already have several projects in progress,” concludes Borriello. “However, it is still too early to reveal the details. But, as they say: Stay tuned! Because very soon we will be able to say something more about our forthcoming calendar of activities”.


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