A privileged partner helping to define personalized action plans,
in the principal sectors of the hotel industry. With minimal investment.

Upskilling and innovating. In a market where levels of competitiveness are constantly rising, and in which guests are increasingly exacting and ‘expert’, this is the only valid rule for hotels wishing to grow and prosper. Notwithstanding the tax benefits available, every hotelier is well aware of the costs associated with any restyling operation. That is why HPoint proposes itself as a privileged partner to assist in drawing up personalized action plans that are effective and innovative, thanks to minimal investments calibrated to the specific needs of every structure. This is one of the themes that will be addressed by the presence of the network, in its capacity as premium sponsor, at the upcoming Hospitality Day, scheduled for Wednesday 11 October in Rimini.

Hpoint is able to support the hotel through every phase in the redevelopment project: from analysis of weak points to continuous after-sales assistance. Among its proposals, we cannot fail to mention the RoomChecking software: a system based on mobile devices that allows simple interconnection between the various hotel operators, able to reduce interdepartmental phone calls by 80% and customer complaints by 70%. Or also, thanks to the company’s intervention, any structure can take advantage of an incredible opportunity that is unique in Italy:  Rent2Sleep, the rental of top quality products for the bedding sector under the Simmons brand, with zero investment. In this way, having guaranteed the hygiene and healthfulness of the beds, the guests’ experiences always live up to expectations. HPoint has placed particular emphasis on a hotly discussed topic these days, that of energy consumption. The joint venture with the emerging Energon group, a company that manages energy production, has already proved to be a winning alliance and has led to solutions like double-digit percentages on savings in utility bills. All, once again, without having to make any kind of investment. These are the subjects that will be discussed by Giovanni Borriello and Paolo Sandali, respectively from HPoint and Energon, in one of the training seminars during Hospitality Day in Rimini next 11 October.






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