HPoint has several activities planned for the new year: from its participation at Expo Riva to the travelling workshops for Italy organized by Teamwork, from glamorous events dedicated to the luxury segment to the most informal one-to-one meetings, and on to the major sponsorship of the Milan Central District initiative, shared with Simmons and Pedersoli.

All are aimed at reinforcing loyalty in existing relations and creating new opportunities for collaboration.

Also in the pipeline is confirmation of 2 new operations centres in Florence and Rome.

And spirits are high after the encouraging results that show a 10% increase in turnover for 2017. This is a very positive closing, which was obtained through a combination of synergic actions geared at meeting the demands of the extremely exacting clientele that is the luxury segment.

The most significant: 

- total control over quality, from the Mystery Guests’ contribution to the new inspector service implemented by HPoint, aimed at constant compliance with the standards.
- ongoing investment in training resources through Academy Class, the company entrusted with improving attitude among the staff through innovative and unique teaching projects.
- a diversified and articulated offer through integrated management.

At the heart of this last theme is the recent partnership agreement stipulated by HPoint with one of the energy titans: Energon Esco. Energy saving is one of the most delicate and vital discussion points for any type of hotel. HPoint is aware of this and, also in this case, has chosen a partner of undisputed professionalism. Under these conditions, unfettered energy is assured.


About HPoint

HPoint is a company that provides dedicated and personalized services to hotels. It is a genuine reference point for everyone seeking flexible solutions that meet the needs of their hotel, and wishing to improve performance in terms of economic yield.

Specifically, HPoint offers a wide range of outsourcing services that can meet the requirements of all the various hotel departments. HPoint operates throughout Italy in all geographical areas. The company is able to satisfy the most wide-ranging needs of the hospitality sector, and more besides. Very often, it is ahead of them! This is due to constant training and the practiced sensitivity of knowing before anyone else how to perceive the needs of a sector that is changing continually. Among its recognized strengths, it also meets the demands of the extremely exacting clientele that is the luxury segment.



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20127 Milano
Tel.: 02 221 75 944