HMYP is a website-blog with several objectives.

To target international globetrotters and discerning and knowledgeable travellers; arousing their curiosity, whetting their appetites and keeping them up to date. And introducing them to hotels that, on the basis of our experience, are well worth trying.

Because they are able to awaken emotions that enrich the journey itself.

To provide useful elements for selecting the hotel that best corresponds to personal wishes, choosing among the brands of the numerous hotel chains, groups and affiliations. Or simply discovering it among the great many individual hotels.

To give, to those wishing to accept them, a few suggestions relating to Etiquette and StYle in the hotel, observing the trends and developments in contemporary hotels and those of the future. Together with those who design hotels, keep them efficient, and contribute towards conferring their character.

Because together with fashion, design and technology, the sectors that provide the best snapshots of changing tastes and trends are tourism and hospitality.

Dedicated to H is the section devoted to partners and providers of the services and products that we enjoy during our stay in Hotels. Many of the product, ever more frequently, we may purchase and bring home with us, to give us the impression of continuing with our dream, or just to serve as a reminder of it!