Looking towards the future, a simplified approach to the market,
continuous innovation of its services.


HPoint is a company that provides dedicated and personalized services to hotels. It is a genuine reference point for everyone seeking flexible solutions that meet the needs of their hotel, and wishing to improve performance in terms of economic yield.

Specifically, HPoint offers a wide range of outsourcing services that can meet the requirements of all the various hotel departments. HPoint operates throughout Italy in all geographical areas. The company is able to satisfy the most wide-ranging needs of the hospitality sector, and more besides. Very often, it is ahead of them! This is due to constant training and the practiced sensitivity of knowing before anyone else how to perceive the needs of a sector that is changing continually. Among its recognized strengths, it also meets the demands of the extremely exacting clientele that is the luxury segment.

Proven experience in the tourism industry gained in the hotel sector, in-depth knowledge of operational dynamics and an outstanding ability to deal with critical issues make HPoint a partner of privilege for all hotels.


  • Management of cleaning services and room refurbishment
  • Management of the in houseman
  • Management of the stewarding services
  • Management of the reception’s services
  • Management of the housekeeping
  • Management and operations related to the laundry services
  • Management of the beach services
  • Management of the butler services
  • Management of the valet parking
  • Management and operations related to the bell boy services

Innovative Services

  • Rent your comfort
  • Pet welcoming
  • Digital Solution
  • Management and staff training

Services on demand

  • Facility management
  • Energy saving
  • Incoming


Thinking and acting in an unorthodox way, but personalizing the offer on the basis of the individual request. Flanking the hotelier with solutions, and even before that with advice, so as to become a reliable partner to turn to.



HPoint. Your choice!



  • Professionalism and contractual transparency;
  • Extremely competent personnel and constant training activities;
  • Customer orientation and accompaniment at all stages;
  • Customization of the service;
  • Efficiency and swiftness in handling critical issues;
  • Verified quality standards that are a guarantee to the customer.