We have a wonderful job: we visit some of what are considered the most exclusive hotels in Italy and write about them.

We have the privilege of experiencing them; sometimes we have been present at the openings, celebrated the birthdays or simply observed the histories or, if not all, then at least a good deal of them!

We are aware of many nuances, details, novelties and previews that not everyone is privy to. And we have breathed in their atmospheres.

This is our job. But it is also our passion!

It is a passion we wish to share with those who, like us, love hotels that are able to instill deep-seated emotions; for those who consider that staying in a hotel should enrich their travels.

Consequently, HotelMyPassion is not a site where you will find the Best available rate! 

HotelMyPassion is a website-blog that will provide addresses and suggestions to allow enthusiasts enter the almost magical ambiences of dream hotels.

Miss Evelina is our special contributor. She will report on our experiences and seek out new hotels to tell you about.