HygienicO3, Airfree®, Allergy Free, three-way technology certified by Nasa Three Air in the kitchen, electric car columns and 5 bee families

The historic and enchanting Moorish Architecture and the flavors of the Antonino Cannavacciuolo Restaurant are already landmarks of hospitality in Italy, but the quest for and creation of new details does not cease at Relais Villa Crespi.

During the 20th Anniversary year at Relais Villa Crespi, Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo have unveiled the new Relais’ ECOworld, all oriented towards Well-Being!

Today Relais Villa Crespi is in fact the place to be; the perfect spot for well-being and for feeling good, in every detail, including even the air you breathe.

Daily, all of the suites are sanitized and the air is purified thanks to HygienicO3, a biological sanitization system that uses trivalent oxygen (O3). In just a few minutes, the environment is completely disinfected against viruses, bacteria, moulds, insects and odors, leaving the air pure, oxygenated and, if desired, pleasantly scented.

The room’s air is cleaned using the innovative Airfree® technology, a completely natural and effective thermal treatment able to eliminate mites, moulds, pollens and chemical contaminants from the air. Thanks to the Allergy Free program, all mattresses and pillows are covered with particular pillowcases making the room 100% allergy free.

Not to mention the kitchen, where in addition to Chef Antonino and his brigade the Three Air System is also at work. It sanitizes and purifies the air with trivalent technology (radiant catalytic ionization) certified by Nasa Technologies and treats the quality of the indoor air, making the area more comfortable and healthy. The Three Air instruments can treat 100% of the surfaces by sanitizing and de-bacterizing the air, eliminating polluting microparticles or annoying allergens and by improving the health of those working by preventing respiratory diseases.

At Relais Villa Crespi, there are also 2 charging stations for electric cars, one with a universal socket. You can also find 5 families of bees living on the grounds. Harmless and positioned at a distance designed not to bother our guests, the bees at Villa Crespi are part of the Relais & Chateaux environmental conservation program; as bees are responsible for about 70% of the pollination of all plant species living on the planet, they provide about 35% of global food production.


About Relais & Châteaux

Founded in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is an association of 550 luxury hotels and world-class restaurants, run by owners, Maîtres de Maison and independent chefs who share a passion for their work and are driven by a desire to establish authentic ties with their guests. Present all over the world, from the vineyards of the Napa Valley to Provence or walking along the beaches of the Indian Ocean, the collection of Relais & Châteaux residences is an invitation to discover the art de vivre that characterizes the culture of each place and to share a journey to the roots of unique human stories. Relais & Châteaux members are united by the desire to protect, keep alive and enhance the richness and diversity of the cuisines and traditions of hospitality around the world. In November 2014, Relais & Châteaux presented to UNESCO a Manifesto confirming its commitment to preserving local and environmental heritage.