Mattia Pastori with chef Daniel Canzian and Drinkable berebeneovunque
sign a new cocktail menu dedicated to Milan

There’s something new in Milan for cocktail time: it’s a new menu created by chef Daniel Canzian, mixologist Mattia Pastori and the catering company Drinkable berebeneovunque.

The new cocktails are inspired by the city of Milan, their culture, history and people; so it’s a new drink experience born from chef Daniel Canzian creativity, with the magic touch of Mattia Pastori, the remarkable mixologist.

The list includes cocktails with names that come from Milan dialact, like Tel Chi, variation on the spritz, Ganassa, typical cocktail from ’80 with grappa; El Sciur is created by Mattia Pastori like a tribute for chef Canzian, made with vodka. Then there are El Professur, Mattia Pastori signature cocktail, Negroni cocktail variation.

Every cocktail is served with a chef Canzian creation.

Now listen to Mattia Pastori talking about these new cocktail, exclusively for #Hotelmypassion.