Dedicated to guests, paying special attention to the themes of sustainability: this is the new collection presented by Marie Danielle, a leader in the production of courtesy product lines for hotels. For more than 40 years its core values have been quality and Italian craftsmanship. All its formulations are in line with European cosmetic regulations, and they observe the most stringent safety criteria and standards for people and for the environment. The new lines have a further feature: the courtesy product is no longer just a product; it becomes an interpreter of and spokesperson on some issues of our day related to the Earth. Such as, for example, the importance of not wasting water, or of valorizing the products of our culinary tradition. And of sustainability in all its aspects. Hence the creation of the themed lines:

Pure Water, in partnership with ActionAid aimed at supporting the project constructing water wells in Ethiopia.

NOME’ – a waterless product. Its place is taken by 100% natural organic fruit juice produced using an extraction process with no chemical manipulation, using the excess production of citrus fruits that would otherwise be destroyed. Saporita and Biancamore, then, are the names of the two lines that promote the flavours, the aromas and the properties of some ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, such as buffalo milk, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. These are products designed for people who pay attention to their bodies, in a natural way, using the antioxidant properties, vitamins and proteins of the foodstuffs we are used to finding on our tables. Complementing the new lines presented:

Laboratorio Olfattivo A collection of perfumes, in which artistic finesse and the Arte del Profumo are the undisputed stars.

ARTESSENZA the art and the aesthetic expression of human interiority. The essence bestows gratifying olfactory sensations, which stimulate a sense of wellbeing. From the paintings and canvases of the internationally renowned artist Ugo Nespolo, art is transformed into its essence.

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