From traveller to traveller. This is the Turisanda’s claim and it’s  the perfect essence of what each Turisanda’s  journey philosophy is.  This section is dedicated to all the globetrotters who love to travel around the world, discover new places and to plunge deep in their athmosphere. A route around one year, 12 awesome destination, 12 Resorts signed  withTurisanda’s style and selected by HotelmyPassion. Start to dream!

About Turisanda

Founded in 1924, Turisanda is one of the brands that have shaped the history of tourism in Italy, immediately distinguishing itself for proposing charming and unique holidays destined to anticipate the trends. These included the first cruise of the Amazon and excursion to the Iguazu Falls, and the first transpolar cruise. In 2016, Turisanda and Hotelplan Viaggi Inconfondibili joined the Eden Group. Today the brand is introducing itself to the market under a new guise, promoting a carefully selected range of international hospitality structures around the world: Turisanda Clubs and Turisanda Resorts. The former are ideal places for travellers seeking quality and personalized services, with particular attention to Italian tastes. The Resorts, on the other hand, are aimed at those who like to explore the history and culture of their host countries.